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PosPlayer NameFantasy TeamTotalAveragePercentRating
QBKirk Cousins (MIN)The Fignastics47.0123.5139.42 %435.56
QBJustin Herbert (LAC)The HitMen45.2622.6331.98 %327.55
QBJalen Hurts (PHI)Hebrew Hammers43.0621.5333.85 %313.85
QBPatrick Mahomes (KC)Cliff Hangers42.4721.2431.42 %283.39
QBRussell Wilson (DEN)Toad Lickers41.2020.6026.89 %228.20
QBJosh Allen (BUF)China Open Faces37.1518.5830.71 %211.90
RBBrian Robinson (WAS)Jedi Knights38.1519.0725.39 %184.73
RBChristian McCaffery (SF)Scarlet Widows37.6018.8024.87 %175.78
QBTua Tagovailoa (MIA)Jedi Knights37.4518.7324.92 %174.75
WRTyreek Hill (MIA)Jedi Knights36.0818.0424.01 %156.31
RBTony Pollard (DAL)Cliff Hangers31.3515.6723.20 %113.99
QBJustin Fields (CHI)Midway Monsters28.4414.2224.16 %97.71
RBSaquon Barkley (NYG)China Open Faces28.5514.2723.60 %96.18
QBLamar Jackson (BAL)The Crazy Bisons29.5714.7921.05 %92.04
WRMike Evans (TB)The Crazy Bisons27.8513.9219.83 %76.90
QBTrevor Lawrence (JAX)Scarlet Widows28.3914.2018.78 %75.67
WRKeenan Allen (LAC)Hebrew Hammers26.7213.3621.00 %74.96
RBBijan Robinson (ATL)Scarlet Widows27.8813.9418.44 %71.69
RBDavid Montgomery (DET)The Fignastics25.1312.5721.07 %66.56
RBKenneth Walker (SEA)Hebrew Hammers25.5212.7620.06 %65.31
RBDerrick Henry (TEN)Toad Lickers26.3713.1817.21 %59.81
RBAaron Jones (GB)FL State Seminal Vesicles20.8220.8213.15 %57.00
RBAustin Ekeler (LAC)Midway Monsters18.7318.7315.92 %55.85
QBJoe Burrow (CIN)The Sinister 36ers22.9311.4720.22 %53.17
QBDeshaun Watson (CLE)FL State Seminal Vesicles20.3320.3312.85 %53.09
RBRachaad White (TB)The Sinister 36ers22.7311.3720.05 %51.81
WRBrandon Aiyuk (SF)The HitMen24.2712.1317.15 %50.49
WRDeVonta Smith (PHI)FL State Seminal Vesicles24.5712.2815.52 %46.84
RBJames Conner (ARI)Toad Lickers23.7211.8615.48 %43.53
RBTravis Etienne (JAX)The Crazy Bisons21.6310.8215.40 %36.04
WRGarrett Wilson (JET)Midway Monsters20.1810.0917.15 %34.93
TET.J. Hockenson (MIN)FL State Seminal Vesicles22.0511.0213.93 %33.87
RBRhamondre Stevenson (NE)FL State Seminal Vesicles21.8510.9213.81 %32.96
WRJordan Addison (MIN)The HitMen20.9810.4914.83 %32.64
QBAnthony Richardson (IND)FL State Seminal Vesicles16.9716.9710.72 %30.88
WRTyler Lockett (SEA)The Sinister 36ers18.789.3916.57 %29.22
WRStefon Diggs (BUF)The Crazy Bisons20.0710.0314.29 %28.76
WRAmon-Ra St. Brown (DET)China Open Faces18.659.3215.42 %26.81
WRJustin Jefferson (MIN)Toad Lickers20.1210.0613.13 %26.56
WRTee Higgins (CIN)Cliff Hangers19.129.5614.14 %25.85
WRDavante Adams (LV)The Sinister 36ers17.508.7515.43 %23.63
WRDeebo Samuel (SF)Scarlet Widows18.779.3812.41 %21.86
WRGeorge Pickens (PIT)Midway Monsters17.158.5714.57 %21.43
RBNick Chubb (CLE)The HitMen16.488.2411.65 %15.82
RBJames Cook (BUF)The Crazy Bisons12.6812.689.03 %14.53
WRCalvin Ridley (JAX)The HitMen15.487.7410.94 %13.11
WRCeeDee Lamb (DAL)Cliff Hangers15.007.5011.10 %12.49
WRGabriel Davis (BUF)The Crazy Bisons14.877.4310.58 %11.70
WRDK Metcalf (SEA)Toad Lickers15.107.559.85 %11.23
WRChris Olave (NO)Scarlet Widows14.577.289.63 %10.22
RBJosh Jacobs (LV)Cliff Hangers13.936.9710.31 %10.01
TEHunter Henry (NE)China Open Faces10.6010.608.76 %9.84
RBJ.K. Dobbins (BAL)China Open Faces10.1210.128.36 %8.56
WRCourtland Sutton (DEN)FL State Seminal Vesicles13.906.958.78 %8.48
TEMark Andrews (BAL)Scarlet Widows9.929.926.56 %6.45
WRZay Jones (JAX)The Sinister 36ers10.425.219.19 %4.98
WRJaylen Waddle (MIA)Jedi Knights10.975.487.30 %4.39
TETravis Kelce (KC)Toad Lickers8.638.635.63 %4.20
WRMike Williams (LAC)Scarlet Widows10.755.377.11 %4.11
WRChristian Kirk (JAX)Hebrew Hammers9.954.977.82 %3.87
WRMichael Thomas (NO)Midway Monsters9.304.657.90 %3.42
WRD.J. Moore (CHI)The Sinister 36ers9.124.568.04 %3.34
WRA.J. Brown (PHI)China Open Faces9.074.537.49 %3.08
TEEvan Engram (JAX)The Fignastics8.974.487.52 %3.02
WRChris Godwin (TB)The Fignastics8.784.397.36 %2.84
RBJahmyr Gibbs (DET)Midway Monsters6.536.535.55 %2.37
WRDeAndre Hopkins (TEN)Toad Lickers8.924.465.82 %2.31
RBNajee Harris (PIT)The Sinister 36ers8.004.007.06 %2.26
RBJavonte Williams (DEN)The HitMen6.786.784.79 %2.21
RBJaylen Warren (PIT)Jedi Knights6.836.834.55 %2.12
TEDarren Waller (NYG)Jedi Knights8.604.305.72 %2.12
TEZach Ertz (ARI)Cliff Hangers7.853.925.81 %1.79
TEPat Freiermuth (PIT)The Crazy Bisons7.923.965.64 %1.77
RBA.J. Dillon (GB)FL State Seminal Vesicles6.486.484.10 %1.72
WRJa'Marr Chase (CIN)The Fignastics7.133.575.98 %1.52
RBTyler Allgeier (ATL)The Fignastics5.605.604.70 %1.47
RBIsiah Pacheco (KC)Hebrew Hammers5.635.634.43 %1.41
WRRobert Woods (HOU)Toad Lickers5.705.703.72 %1.21
RBGus Edwards (BAL)The Fignastics5.205.204.36 %1.18
WRTreylon Burks (TEN)FL State Seminal Vesicles7.023.514.43 %1.09
RBDalvin Cook (JET)Midway Monsters6.283.145.34 %1.05
TEMike Gesicki (NE)Midway Monsters6.123.065.20 %0.97
WRMichael Pittman Jr. (IND)Jedi Knights4.974.973.30 %0.82
RBJoshua Kelley (LAC)Hebrew Hammers4.554.553.58 %0.74
RBKhalil Herbert (CHI)The HitMen4.634.633.27 %0.70
WRDarius Slayton (NYG)The Fignastics4.104.103.44 %0.58
WROdell Beckham (BAL)Midway Monsters4.972.484.22 %0.52
WRRashod Bateman (BAL)Hebrew Hammers4.652.323.66 %0.40
TEGeorge Kittle (SF)Hebrew Hammers4.452.223.50 %0.35
TESam LaPorta (DET)The Crazy Bisons3.623.622.57 %0.34
WRDiontae Johnson (PIT)The Fignastics3.403.402.85 %0.33
TELogan Thomas (WAS)Toad Lickers3.483.482.27 %0.28
TETyler Higbee (LAR)Jedi Knights3.453.452.30 %0.27
TEDalton Schultz (HOU)The Sinister 36ers3.901.953.44 %0.26
TEKyle Pitts (ATL)FL State Seminal Vesicles4.282.142.71 %0.25
TEJuwan Johnson (NO)The HitMen4.122.062.91 %0.25
WRAmari Cooper (CLE)Cliff Hangers2.852.852.11 %0.17
WRKendrick Bourne (NE)Jedi Knights2.782.781.85 %0.14
TEDallas Goedert (PHI)China Open Faces3.101.552.56 %0.12
WRRomeo Doubs (GB)The Fignastics2.172.171.82 %0.09
TEDawson Knox (BUF)The Crazy Bisons2.252.251.60 %0.08
WRJerry Jeudy (DEN)The HitMen2.252.251.59 %0.08
WRJahan Dotson (WAS)China Open Faces2.102.101.74 %0.08
WRBrandin Cooks (DAL)The Fignastics1.771.771.48 %0.05
TEDavid Njoku (CLE)Hebrew Hammers1.731.731.36 %0.04
WRAllen Lazard (JET)Scarlet Widows1.821.821.20 %0.04
WRJonathan Mingo (CAR)Scarlet Widows1.521.521.00 %0.02
RBBreece Hall (JET)China Open Faces1.251.251.03 %0.02
WRAllen Robinson (PIT)Cliff Hangers1.271.270.94 %0.02
WRAdam Thielen (CAR)The HitMen1.271.270.90 %0.01
WRMarvin Mims (DEN)Jedi Knights1.121.120.74 %0.01
WRDonovan Peoples-Jones (CLE)Hebrew Hammers0.930.930.73 %0.01
WRVan Jefferson (LAR)Cliff Hangers0.780.780.58 %0.00
WRKadarius Toney (KC)Cliff Hangers0.530.530.39 %0.00
WRSkyy Moore (KC)China Open Faces0.400.400.33 %0.00
WRChristian Watson (GB)The Crazy Bisons0.000.000.00 %0.00
TENoah Fant (SEA)Scarlet Widows0.000.000.00 %0.00
WRDrake London (ATL)China Open Faces0.000.000.00 %0.00
WRD.J. Chark (CAR)Toad Lickers0.000.000.00 %0.00
RBAntonio Gibson (WAS)Jedi Knights-0.12-0.12-0.08 %0.00
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