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2023 Preview – Welcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends…

8/21/23 - Mitchell Ellison, BSL Sports Editor-in-Chief - Another day, another dollar spent on upgrading your Wide Receiver corp. Will it help? Will the injury bug be just a one-time thing you can spray with bug spray from the waiver wire, or will it be an infestation that ruins the entire foundation of your off-season plans? Those are the thoughts that go through all fantasy owners’ minds this time of year. The Blue Sky’s 3 leagues are no different. As we enter the 25th season of the Crazy Diamond League, the 20th season for the Four Star Daydream League, and the 18th Two Lost Souls League season, the questions are same as they were when each league first started. Hunches, stumbling into stars we didn’t expect, avoiding injuries, worse luck for your opponents… all these are big factors into how each season unfolds. We do not expect 2023 to be any different.

One thing we can all agree on is that there was one clear choice for the #1 overall college draft pick in each league this (Full Story)

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2022 Trade Deadline/Mid-Season Recap: Welcome to the Machine - A Season of Haves and Have-Nots and Navigating the Injury Minefield

11/8/22 - Jackson Norriss, Nighthawk Sports - Well, the (little more than) half-way mark in the 2022 BSL season is upon us, the Trade Deadline has passed and in each of the 3 leagues there is wide variety of storylines out there. In the (Full Story)

2022 Opening Week: Learning to Fly (for most teams) while 1 Team Soars!

9/13/22 - Karen Page, BSL Lead Pool Reporter - The 2022 season is finally upon us. The offseason had its usual drama with many QBs changing teams, retiring, un-retiring, and all that goes in the planning and building of each BSL team. (Full Story)

Nearing the End of 2021... What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

12/8/21 – Eddie Brock, Freelance Investigative Reporter - As we approach the end of the longest BSL season in history, 14 regular season games due to change in the NFL adding a 17th game and 18th week to their season, we look back at (Full Story)

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