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2022 Opening Week: Learning to Fly (for most teams) while 1 Team Soars!

9/13/22 - Karen Page, BSL Lead Pool Reporter - The 2022 season is finally upon us. The offseason had its usual drama with many QBs changing teams, retiring, un-retiring, and all that goes in the planning and building of each BSL team. As we start the 2022 season things seem wide open all over the place in all 3 BSL leagues as teams made many changes this offseason and we are still learning what each team has, where the holes are, and who made the best offseason moves to boost their teams. But while most teams are playing the ‘feel things out’ game, one team wasted no time in claiming the ‘Team to Beat’ mantle in the TLSL. And that is where we start.

The Mayhem dropped the Electric part of their name last year but may want to consider bringing it back as they were charged up this week putting up their 2nd ever, and 57th overall, 200+ point scoring game with a 206.69 performance in their win over the PC Powerhouse with league’s newest owner. Welcome to the Two Lost Souls League to (Full Story)

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Nearing the End of 2021... What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

12/8/21 – Eddie Brock, Freelance Investigative Reporter - As we approach the end of the longest BSL season in history, 14 regular season games due to change in the NFL adding a 17th game and 18th week to their season, we look back at (Full Story)

2021 Season Opens: New Places, New Faces, New Questions… Same Old Brady!

9/21/21 - Ben Ulrich, Senior Fantasy Sports Correspondent - OK yes, we know the season REALLY started a 2 weeks ago but who really cares what Tom Brady does?! Been there, seen that. Let’s talk about something new… like the 2021 BSL (Full Story)

With 3 Weeks Remaining the in the 2020 Regular Season… (Yes, We Made it!!!)… Still A LOT To Be Determined

11/18/20 – Karen Page, BSL Lead Pool Reporter - Well, it feels like 2 years ago since the 2020 season started since time has ceased to exist in this crazy year and while the odds were stacked HIGH against getting to this point that we (Full Story)

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